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Support :: Common Email Problems

If you are having problems related to receiving or sending email messages at your domain, this section is for you. Check through the headers below for help on the exact situation you are experiencing. Also, please be sure that your domain is registered and resolving on our nameservers before you start using the email services provided with your account.

Can't send mail:
Our SMTP servers are configured as secure relays. This means that you cannot simply reference "mail.yourdomain.com" as an Outgoing mailserver unless you successfully log in via one of your pop3 accounts at "mail.yourdomain.com' before you try to send. This is a mandatory setting to prevent spammers from using our mailservers as havens for unsolicited email. If you are getting a "relaying prohibited" or "disconnected by administrator" error, it means that you haven't logged into the pop3 server at your domain before you tried to send through the smtp server at your domain. To log in, you need to check for mail first and have pop authentication set.

In addition to this, you might not be able to send regardless of if you check mail successfully. Some ISPs have it set so that their users cannot use an outbound SMTP server to relay messages. If you are still experiencing problems sending through your domain, and are certain that you have logged in via pop3 to an account at your domain, you might want to contact your local ISP to see if they do allow their users to use outbound smtp servers.

Finally, we'd like to clear up a common misconception of many users: the smtp relay you use to send out your messages has absolutely no bearing on the address your recipient sees as the sender. If you do end up having to use your local ISPs SMTP server, it will not prevent you from sending messages from address @yourdomain with SetHost.net. For example, let's say that you have the domain "hompage.net" hosted at SetHost.net. You can configure your email client to send from the address "admin@whatever.com" even if your outgoing (smtp) mail server is set as "mail27.prodigy.net" - your recipient will still see the message as being sent from "admin@whatever.com" regardless of the smtp server you use to send it. Be sure that your incoming (pop3) server is set to "mail.homepage.net", of course.

Your default root email account:
Every account starts out with a default "catch-all" account for its domain. This email box will grab all mail heading to ANYNAME@yourdomain.com. The login for this box is prefix + main account login you received after signing up. Let's sey your account login is: gregor and your domain is hostname.net, than your por account would be gregor-hostname_net.

Can't lock account:
A common cause of this is that the e-mail account is being accessed already or it is still open from another mail checking session. Solution: Retry in about 30 minutes. If it still does not work it is possible that you are using the wrong user / password combination. If you suspect this send a message to support@sethost.net and let them know what you are using to attempt to log into the account.

Please remember that POP accounts logins vary depending on the particular server your mail is hosted on. The mail control panel of your account keeps this information for you, so please check there to correct any login problems.

Any Username And Password Error:
The main cause for this is trying to access the e-mail account with the wrong user / password. If this is NOT your primary e-mail account remember to apply your domain name prefix. For example if your accounts is homepage.net you might have a log in name of "webmaster@homepage.net" for a webmaster@homepage.net account. If your domain is freepage.com you might have a log in of "webmaster@freeware.com" as your log in to the webmaster@freeware.com account. If all else fails, simply remove, and then recreate the account with your mail control panel.

If none of this helps, then most likely the pop3 box in question has a received a corrupted message. Email support@sethost.net and tell them to clear that box out. Usually this results in most or all of that particular mailbox's contents being erased.

Problems resolving your mailhost:
If you find that you can't get "mail.yourdomain.com" to resolve as a valid SMTP or POP3 server, please be sure that your domain is registered to our nameservers. Also, try clearing out your cache and cookies and then restarting your computer. in some cases your registration was not completed by the registrar.

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If you cannot find the answer here to the questions that you have please feel free to contact the tech support staff by email support@sethost.net.