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Support :: Understanding Your Email Server

As a linux customer, the setup of every single email item available to your account is automated by your controlpanel. Thus, there is no need to contact the technical staff to setup any of your pop3 accounts, forwards, aliases, lists, or auto-responders. Simply check out the Email section of your controlpanel, and then the various options within.

Within each menu, there is a small help guide explaining the exact purpose of each item. We have outlined a few additional points below:

Remember to always use "mail.yourdomain.com" as the incoming (pop3) and outgoing (smtp) server in your local email client, such as Outlook Express.

In the linux mail control center, the forwarding function provides forwarding to outer address, and can be used to alias one account to another. Thus, if you want mike@homepage.net to head to a pop3 account of slim@aol.com, use a forward to make this happen.

If you forget the exact login of one of your pop3 accounts, simply head over to the "pop account" menu within your controlpanel to find out exactly what the logins are.

Your "default address" is the root catch-all mailbox. It receives messages heading to all addresses which aren't setup as unique pop accounts within your domain. Keep in mind that the default address account have a prefix, like other pop accounts. The login for your default address is the same as the main FTP login for your account.

If it seems that you cannot lock a pop3 account to retrieve messages for any reason, the quickest way to solve this for yourself is to delete and recreate the account with your controlpanel. This saves time as it bypasses asking our support staff for assistance. Yes, the changes you make to your email items with your controlpanel are done in real time.

The mailing list feature is very simple, please keep that in mind. If you require a more powerful listserv program, you should probably look elsewhere. We cannot utilize a robust listserv on our webhosting machines without causing the server's overall performance to suffer.

Hopefully this helps! Remember that the mail functionality for your domain won't be available on our servers until your entire domain is registered to our nameservers. If you are having any problems with your email, and this section didn't help you, check out the "Email Problems" link. Thank you.

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If you cannot find the answer here to the questions that you have please feel free to contact the tech support staff by email support@sethost.net.